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New CU3ER coming out soon!

You might know already that Stefan Kovac and me formed new company called MADEBYPLAY. We are very excited to work on new release of CU3ER with great new features and slicker look, please follow the updates at getcu3er.com.

You can also take a look at first screencast we’ve made for CU3ER v1


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Flash SEO video by Technoracle – How search indexing Flash Player works…

This is exactly how we imagined it works, as it was the only normal way… I am a bit worried about Flash apps without states, how the crawled goes through that stuff.
Anyway let’s see how much we’re going to wait for this to be implemented by Google and rest…

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Insight into OpenScreen project

Thanks to the User Interface Resource Center, we can get an insight in what is happening with OpenScreen project directly from Adobe’s Anup Murarka, Director of Partner Development and Technology Strategy, Platform Business Unit who was interview by EffectiveUI senior developer Doug Schmidt.

Interview can be found here …

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Adobe / Google / Yahoo : SWF dynamic content indexed by search engines

Until now static content in SWF files (Flash Player file format) was indexed to some point by search engines like Google and Yahoo. Any dynamic content was not even close to be read by search engine, and developers worked with alternative content. Alternative content is content displayed in HTML page behind the Flash file, which containts infomation equal or similar to ones current flash page is displaying. Problem was that alternative content coudn’t be set dynamically and read by search engines as Flash file change it’s content without reloading.

Great news is, Adobe has came out with Flash Player which will be used by search engines, for now Google and Yahoo which enables them to get all content from Flash, going through it and retrieving the dynamically loaded content… You can read more at Adobe Developer Center

I think this doesn’t mean Google and Yahoo would be able to link to your dynamic pages directly, because there is no fake clicking capability in current Flash player, or time skip functionality. Something like that may be an option but for now I don’t think Google or Yahoo can lead  directly to your dynamic page inside SWF but they can be aware of your content and show it in search results.

This is surely a great news, with deep linking already enabled on your site this will work like a charm surely.
Thanks Adobe… And please keep this good news coming every month!