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Large Hadron Collider almost ready [pics]

I can’t wait for the future. They will find something we didn’t believe it’s there. Higgs is going to be maybe just a portion…

Great great pics of Hadron Collider can be seen at

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Amazing Water Cleaning Bike [video]

Aquaduct – Mobile Filtration Vehicle is a winner of Inovate or Die competition. Bicycle is amazing, if someone can invest for some thousends of this bikes that would sure mean a lot. This bike makes easier to carry water from well to family home, and also by peddaling you clean the water. Perfect use of wasted energy.

Take a look at the video

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UFO artwork is interesting website with dozens of artworks depicting UFOs in historical images. Huge list really have a point, as many other evidences that exist on our planet. Anyway it is hardly to believe until you experience it for yourself and I suppose if it’s true it wouldn’t be as scientologist believe 😀

Image in left corner is “strange suited figure that was found in Kiev and its dated to 4,000 BC.”