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Straightline Bookmarks

Straightline bookmarks is my new place for findin great new sites, especially Flash, since The FWA is showcasing mostly not so interesting stuff anymore. I don’t say The FWA lost it’s prime or anything, just that sites there are usually very visually and experiencially usual.

What sites you visit for daily cup of refreshment sites on the web? Seems like many of the old bookmarked sites that collected nice Flash works are not working anymore.

Straightline is a Matoshi Goto, web designer and programmer from Japan. On his homepage there are few other interesting sections including his work, artistic works by others and hmmm.. nice looking girls.

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Another Perfect Uniqlo Site : Color is Comfort launches another perfect video and website for Uniqlo. They never miss!

Simple navigation, super interesting realisation, power of flash when there is need.
Great work… and yes, music is beautiful πŸ™‚

Uniqlo Merino : Color is Comfort homepage post with video

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Hagane Agency latest work : Grafik, Claire Moens, Fotobox websites

Here are three latest websites I’ve did at my own agency Hagane.
All sites are very simple, with almost no loading times. – Studio Grafik
design by Studio Grafik, programming Hagane Agency – this site features nice color transitions, interesting accordition style menu and deep-linking, data feed from XML

Studio Grafik

Studio Grafik – photography studio fotobox
design by upsitedown, programming and motion Hagane Agency – simple and content oriented photography portfolio website for fotobox from Belgium – Unique Jewel Design
design by upsitedown, programming Hagane Agency – simple and content oriented website for jewel designer Claire Moens from Belgium

Claire Moens - Unique Jewel Design

Claire Moens - Unique Jewel Design

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Flash Supersite : Morisawa Fontpark by Yugop

Another Yugo Nakamura perfect Flash website – Fontpark. Simple idea, executed amazingly leaving visitors to be creative with Morisawa font. And yes, visitors are creative, as you can imagine people can be… Some outstanding pieces will take much of your time watching, but try making something on your own too πŸ™‚ I did…

source : Shigeru Nakagaki blog

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Flash SuperSites : TommyTV

So how one flash website can be called supersite. Lets go step by step :

1. Purpose of Flash … If Flash site is being done in Flash there must be a good reason why it is done in Flash. Main reasons one site is good to go in Flash is – delivering of rich media, animation and effects, application needs… TommyTV is all about media, and application needs. Site delivers video from concerts and it’s desing incorporates 3D menu visuals.

2. Content… No metter if site is made in Flash, Ajax, HTML what makes it good is its content. And believe me TommyTV is all about great content, especially if you are a music lover. There is a band for every taste.

3. (UI) Design… it’s easy to get away from good UI design idea in Flash, too much of that or this takes you away. So keeping it clean, consistent and usefull for user is for respect. TommyTV have all of this. Resepct πŸ™‚

4. Performance… Keeping a Flash in user acceptable performance is getting easier as Flash moves towards new player versions and better virtual machine. Even with that some sites go to far, or just don’t follow all the rules for better performance. TommyTV keeps it performance at high level, which for many video streaming sites and 3D sites isn’t a case.

If I remember few things more or you have your opinion please post a comment…

Anyway, enjoy TommyTV website, music and pleasure at one place…

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3D Websites in Flash

As Javascript get capable more and more in competing with flash in transparency and transitions on web pages Flash is getting more and more serious about next step website interfaces. 3D is and will be a big part of new experiences on the web, and some of the latest site showcase it in great style.

Definitly one of the best 3D sites done in Flash is The Eco Zoo. It is surely great designed and very unique, with remarkable performance. Pop up books are so cool πŸ™‚

Uniqlo hits it again with Uniqlo Try. Camera movements are really Uniqlo style, music and feeling at the site is great as always…

Third in series is Play > Smart, advertisement site for Benz-Mercedes mini car. Design of the website could be better as well as the texturing, but site definitly have a good catch with game mode and keeping score live.

Things are going in good direction, and I think web people will follow.

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I’ve just updated my portfolio – Hagane Agency

I was working hard last week to update my portfolio – my recently openned agency – Hagane Agency. I’ve wanted something very simple, and easy to use. I wanted to present my last two years of hard work because I am going to Singapore πŸ™‚

I can name few things that are pretty cool in portfolio.

SERCON software – online software that is currently being developed. It’s primary role is to enable scientist all over the globe to easily implenet SERCON method. SERCON stands for Survey for River Consvervation Needs. Method consists of many spreadsheets that needs to be filled containing information about the river, and at the end using SERCON method user gets calculations about river conservation needs.

POS Application for PocketPCs – E-Order is POS application built for restaurants and caffes. It consists of client and server side. Cliend side is written for Flash Player 7 for PocketPC devices. Server side is written in PHP. E-Order use Wi-Fi communication between client and server side. Client side is very interesting piece of Flash application, which makes waiter easy to add orders, update orders or bill orders with easy access to any table or customer.

Christian Develter Website – Christian Develter is amazing painter from Thailand. This was another succesfull project of Flash programming and motion I’ve did for FunkyCorp. Whole website is easy configurable through XML.

Stock Exchange Graph – Stock exchange graph is Google Finance style graph for new upcoming Synergy Capital Serbia investement fond. It’s modular, nice looking and very usefull Flash application and HTML page enchancement, making it easy for visitors to get needed informations. Graph is fully customizable making it easy to integrate in HTML pages. Good Javascript communication helps updating other web page elements, or controlling Stock Graph from HTML part of the page.

and some more interesting projects too…

Check it out at Hagane Agency Homepage