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3D Websites in Flash

As Javascript get capable more and more in competing with flash in transparency and transitions on web pages Flash is getting more and more serious about next step website interfaces. 3D is and will be a big part of new experiences on the web, and some of the latest site showcase it in great style.

Definitly one of the best 3D sites done in Flash is The Eco Zoo. It is surely great designed and very unique, with remarkable performance. Pop up books are so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Uniqlo hits it again with Uniqlo Try. Camera movements are really Uniqlo style, music and feeling at the site is great as always…

Third in series is Play > Smart, advertisement site for Benz-Mercedes mini car. Design of the website could be better as well as the texturing, but site definitly have a good catch with game mode and keeping score live.

Things are going in good direction, and I think web people will follow.


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