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Roxik at Adobe MAX 2008 [Video]


What better could we ask for ? This is Roxik presentation from Adobe MAX, great talk even if there is no translation. But like my friend said, awesomness doesn’t need translation πŸ™‚

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Interesting MS Surface “game”

Because creator did not allow embeding I must redirect you to the Vimeo to take a look at the interesting “game” made for Microsoft Surface. It’s called Genesis.

this is the quote from the video description

This is a deeper look at the 3D Microsoft Surface application we created recently for SxSW and Mix. Partnering with Microsoft, we designed custom ChromaDepth 3D glasses and distributed them to attendees of both events who wanted to try their hand at collaboratively creating a galaxy from scratch. It was a massive hit on the show floor.

very nice πŸ™‚

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10 Dimensions of our world [video]

A little bit of brain exercise. Imagining the 10th dimension, or imagining dimensions above 4th which is time.

Rob Bryanton in this video explains what does 10 dimension of our world means. 1o dimensions are created by humans to describe the world they are in, taking it to the bounds of describing all possible universes within all possible times.

I wonder in how many dimension we can describe cyberspace.
If I am first dimension, connecting me to the other internet user directly is 2nd dimension (etc. email)… I’ll continue maybe one day πŸ™‚

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Straightline Bookmarks

Straightline bookmarks is my new place for findin great new sites, especially Flash, since The FWA is showcasing mostly not so interesting stuff anymore. I don’t say The FWA lost it’s prime or anything, just that sites there are usually very visually and experiencially usual.

What sites you visit for daily cup of refreshment sites on the web? Seems like many of the old bookmarked sites that collected nice Flash works are not working anymore.

Straightline is a Matoshi Goto, web designer and programmer from Japan. On his homepage there are few other interesting sections including his work, artistic works by others and hmmm.. nice looking girls.