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10 Dimensions of our world [video]

A little bit of brain exercise. Imagining the 10th dimension, or imagining dimensions above 4th which is time.

Rob Bryanton in this video explains what does 10 dimension of our world means. 1o dimensions are created by humans to describe the world they are in, taking it to the bounds of describing all possible universes within all possible times.

I wonder in how many dimension we can describe cyberspace.
If I am first dimension, connecting me to the other internet user directly is 2nd dimension (etc. email)… I’ll continue maybe one day 🙂

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I am fascinated how Big Picture always deliver best photos on the net. News in photos as thier title says is really all about it, with great photos and short description if you are not yet amazed you will be.

Latest photo stories that are interesting for me are


F1 Singapore

Earth from Above

Art, Design, People, Science, Space, Tech, Video

Nikola Tesla – The Forgotten Wizard [Video]

The Greatest Serb of all times, man who fortunatelly invented so much for us, but unfortunately because of other people left us maybe without some of his best inventions that was yet to be made…

Impressive video, but find more about his life if you are interested… He was one of the greatest man ever lived!