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AS3 Optimisations tips and speed tests

New great article is out talking about optimisation tips in AS3 –

also very nice suggestions and speed test can be found here –

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What’s possible in 25 Actionscript lines? Vote for favorites!

Second ever 25 lines AS contest produced 12 incredible finalists as it was expected. I will hardly decide on favourites but I surely will vote and please you do that too because this contest deserves attention. Respect for all the good word, and yes, you can have the sources too!

Finalists of the 25 lines AS contest >>>

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Flex in a Week – Adobe Training Course for Flex 3 [video]

Flex in a Week is a set of more then 40 tutorials from Adobe. Lessons cover complete Flex 3 training. I must say I am impressed with Flex in a Week because it’s just goes directly to the points leaving out any unnecessary talk behind. Great stuff, Adobe should release this kind of tutorials for every of their major products.

So, how to get Flex in a Week… I’ve taken a guide from Anand Vardhan blog

It is available through Adobe Media Player, which is a great product itself.

  1. Install AMP
  2. Click “My Favorites” menu at the top.
  3. Click “Add RSS Feed” at the bottom.
  4. Paste

Problem is that AMP can cache only 6 videos at a time, but you can always access cache folder of AMP and copy files to your own folder which I am doing now so I can have all 40 videos all the time 🙂

EDIT : thanks to jase another way is to open Feed and download flv movie directly 🙂

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Flash AS3 Beginners Tutorial – Adding library item to Stage [VIDEO]

Mirko Fisic did another nice and simple tutorial for understanding class creation and adding library item to Stage in Flash CS3, Actionscript 3 version. First he explains how to create a class, extending object and then he creates simple MovieClip in Library which then is added to stage. At the end, MovieClip acts as a Label, having its own method to set Label Text. Check it out, Mirko did again great work!

In Serbian / Na srpskom :

Mirko Fisic donosi jos jedan sjajan video tutorijal za pocetnike u Flash-u verziji 9 odn. Actionscript-u 3. Video tutorijal pokriva kreiranje nove klase, dodavanje simbola iz biblioteke (Library), i kreiranje metode koje tom simbolu menja tekst unutar njega. Jednostavan i efektan tutorijal koji Vam moze pomoci da savladate jedan od osnovnih koraka u Flash-u.

Ukoliko imate pitanja o tutorijalu slobodno ih postavite na Hagane Flash Forum-u

Mirko and Alex support FlashDevelop, you can support it too.

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Flash 9 – AS3 beginners tutorial : Creating Document Class [video]

My friend Mirko from created video tutorial for beginners in AS3 Flash 9 software. He will gradually continue to introduce this wonderfull technology to interested people out there.

Thanks Mirko for this and keep it going !


How to create document class in Flash 9

subtitles are available only in serbian if you press little button in bottom right corner with CC written on it
English subtitles will come soon if you show interest in Mirkos effort

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Simple Flash Example – Menu with library items and little bit actionscript

I did some simple example for beginners in Flash.
It is an example of a menu, standard looking but interesting. This example involves a little bit of core Actionscript skills, and it’s a more designer concept of programming in Flash.


menuItem library symbol contains a menu button
menu library symbol contains menu with menu items and actionscript code

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MouseControl class – easy adding of mouse scroll wheel capability to Flash (AS2.0)


MouseControl class
for now just takes care of Mouse scroll wheel capability in Flash
MouseControl is Singleton class which lets you define movieclips and functions that should be invoked if user uses mouse scroll wheel over defined movie clip
it helps very much in situation when you need to define scrolling functionality in different classes of your Flash site or application

  • command addScroll(id, mc, function)
    MouseControl.getInstance().addScroll(“area1”, area1, Delegate.create(_root, moveFirst));
  • removeScroll(id)

example SWF :

source ZIP :

I just also want to suggest that this is not correctly written Singleton class. Singleton classes should throw arror on attemp of basic class creation like:

var mouseControl = new MouseControl() ;

but mine is doing nothing, it is expecting that you use it correctly and that when you want to use class always use internal class instance (basic of Singleton), getting it with standard

var mouseControl = MouseControl.getInstance()

or with commands

MouseControl.getInstance().addScroll(id, mc, func)

avoiding doing proper Singleton is basiclly of AS2 which is not so strong typed language …
In AS3 I recommend you do proper Singleton – nice guide you can find on Grant Skinners blog