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Flex in a Week – Adobe Training Course for Flex 3 [video]

Flex in a Week is a set of more then 40 tutorials from Adobe. Lessons cover complete Flex 3 training. I must say I am impressed with Flex in a Week because it’s just goes directly to the points leaving out any unnecessary talk behind. Great stuff, Adobe should release this kind of tutorials for every of their major products.

So, how to get Flex in a Week… I’ve taken a guide from Anand Vardhan blog

It is available through Adobe Media Player, which is a great product itself.

  1. Install AMP
  2. Click “My Favorites” menu at the top.
  3. Click “Add RSS Feed” at the bottom.
  4. Paste

Problem is that AMP can cache only 6 videos at a time, but you can always access cache folder of AMP and copy files to your own folder which I am doing now so I can have all 40 videos all the time 🙂

EDIT : thanks to jase another way is to open Feed and download flv movie directly 🙂


4 thoughts on “Flex in a Week – Adobe Training Course for Flex 3 [video]

  1. jase says:

    Alternatively, you could open the feed in Firefox and click on the media links to download the FLVs. The benefit is that, on saving, each filename still has the episode number and title. I’m lazy, I admit 😀

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