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FlashForward Finalists – Category Overview : Art

FlashForward Conference is happening this year in Boston.
Every year there is also a festival – competition of flash pieces organised by categories.
I will focus on this great festival in next few days, giving my oppinions on finalists.

Category Overview – ART:

AutoImmune System 5/5

What an experience! Maybe this is not a first site that introduces drama to the internet but surely it is for me and it opened my eyes. Key point of internet – Interaction is well fit in the play and result is sucessfull cross experience you should take a look. Acting and idea are great, being that I love to watch modern balet and experimental drama I must give 5 out of 5. Thanks to the authors for this incredible site.

Low Morale: RadioHead – creep 4/5

If someone believes Flash is not good animation tool this is proof he/she’s wrong. Good realisation, lot of interesting moments but story leaves no impression to me at the end. That’s main reason why I give it 4/5.

Tiredcity 5/5

I am all shuddered. I just finished watching Tiredcity. Hong Kong art production really made me feel sorry for the girl. We all who live our modern day lifes have at least one day a year feeling like that. Perfect animation and well rounded story makes this one of the best animation movies I’ve seen. Music composed by guy from Serbia made me a little happier. This is definetly 5/5.

Shiver.tv 3/5

This site is definetly trying to bring emotion from life to cyberspace, and it does but it doesn’t last long. Lighting candles is interesting but for a few times, music loop is very nice but we need more, cause it’s good. And it’s coming – 2007 🙂 Maybe then I could give more then 3/5.

My final vote goes to AutoImmune System because it bring something really new to me, artistic impression is the strongest of all four.

Other Flash Forware Finalists Overview
Cartoon  and Commerce


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