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Flash Forward Festival – Category Overview : Cartoon & Commerce

Let’s continue with c&c for finalists from Flash Forward Festival


I can’t judge cartoons well, simply because I am not into cartoon world. I love to watch cartoons of course, but little bit more serious then one we get to watch in cartoon competition.

I can only say Minushi ( or John K ( Flash cartoons could be in competition…
Also cartoon from Art section Tired city seems great to me (


Flash presentaion in commerce part of internet usually tries to bring interesting branded experience to the visitor. Planty of site succeds, but I suppose bigger part does not. Finalist of the Flash Forward Festival should be in the succeed part…

CicaTriz Clothing 4/5

Experimental site / store can really draw attention. This one does in interesting way, displaying short video involving a model and CicaTriz logo for every selling product. This is not spectacular but it’s very neat. Strikes the point, and have few interesting video ideas, like guy dressing his t-shirt. Database connection showing stock availability is a big plus. Music is minimal and very impressive, minimal is now most popular underground dance style, big plus for music too.

IP Casino Resort Spa 3/5

Huh, I would like to say I am missing something big on this site, but if I’m not then I don’t know why this site deserves to be nominated.
Alright it is complete product, navigation is ok, music is nice, scrolling is not implemented in flash so mouse wheel is not working, layout is not clearly set, many things need to be discovered. they are not clearly seen as it should. I am not saying this site is horrible but it’s not top of the category in my oppinion. If it wasn’t in Finals of the Flash Forward Festival I wouldn’t stay on this site more then 1 min to be honest. 3 / 5 is for finals and complete product…

Nike Air 5/5

I must say that this site is Perfect. It offers everything good site needs to offer to visitor, interactivity, good UI, information and for the company that surely produces selling effects. Flash proved it’s point in Nikes Run on Air and Ball on Air, interactive video mixing of prerendered sequences, that fit perfectly together. Amazing work by Big Spaceship one of my favourite studios. Respect! Keep masterpieces coming…

WM Team : Showtime for Your Brand 3/5

I am sure there are people who like sites like this, but for me this is really heavy to browse. Animation is really nice, pixel art too but clicking some options will surely lead you to 5-10 seconds waiting. I don’t like that at all, but that’s WM Team style… I wonder why they are sticking to the same old style. Whole site gives me kind of outdated feeling, which is surely not feeling everybody have, especially because of the humour site presents in animations. Anyway another site in this category which doesn’t seems to be speciall… 3/5

My vote definetly goes to Nike Air which by my oppinion is one mile above the competition.

huh edit: it’s festival not festical 🙂

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