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Flash Font Embedding for displaying all styles on a TextField – bold, italic …

Flash can’t display by default all font style in a TextField. To be able to do that you need to embedd font with every style you plan to use in library separete. In a library menu (you get it when you click icon in Library title top right corner) and click on New Font option. Then you select font, and style you want to embedd and do it for every style you plan to use 🙂 I am repeating myself but that’s good for beginners.

SWF Example
FLA file


9 thoughts on “Flash Font Embedding for displaying all styles on a TextField – bold, italic …

  1. I was looking at your example to solve an issue I was having with disappearing text.
    In your example if you rotate the text it will disappear.
    I found if you add txt_.embedFonts = true; and set the linkage for the items in the library that it works fine.

  2. dan says:

    thank you. that saved my day.
    (because i created ONE font style in the library … and u know … grrrrrr)

  3. Carlos Viloria says:

    hello, I would say that great post, I was glad when I saw that here were a solution to this major problem I have, but to try and make careful what you say, even I don’t work 😦

    the original file works, but then the fonts are not embeded…

    when I write the line txt_.embedFonts = true; / disappears. (it’s assumed that this should work fine, BUT don’t)

    I don’t know what to do with this 😦

  4. Zeljko says:

    There’s another solution and it’s even better because you can embed only characters you need:
    create Dynamic Text box on stage and under properties choose Character Embedding. Embed all Characters you want and than create copy of the same Text box, just change style to bold, italic or some else. Put those Text boxes outside of the stage and you have swf with embedded font styles.

    If you’re using Central European characters like ccaron, cacute, dcroat, zcaron, scaron, I think it’s the only way to make them work because if you embed it through Library it doesn’t embed CE characters.

  5. Fonts are not embedded in you example – you just simply created 3 fonts in your library without even selecting which characters you want to embed and no linkage names

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