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CU3ER v1 is released

What’s New?


Step away from common, boring & flat 2D experience and dive into endless possibilities of adding the third dimension to your slideshow with grid slicing, simple fade or slide, full or half-flip transitions, transition order, direction and much more.

Wanna play? Get CU3ER v1 now!


Forget about XML! Let’s talk about the real joy – cManager! Create and manage your CU3ER like a PRO with our awesome, robust yet easy to use online application. Interactive workflow, rich GUI, timeline, live preview – set, create & export CU3ER within minutes.


You are now able to simulate more natural environment for your 3D slideshow by deploying one of two available shadow types: static (image) or dynamic (live). Either way it’s an awesome practice to enhance CU3ER slideshow.


Push your CU3ER 3D look even further by setting 3D position and rotation of your slides. Additional gem is ‘lens’ option where you can simulate camera lens distortion like ‘fish-eye’.


We like to call it ‘Advanced Thumbnails’. And they are indeed. Grid distribution, horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, custom scroll bar, thumb image, captions, numbering, round corners…


Considering yourself serious about your web design profession? We have provided you extensive control panel for creating, modifying and managing CU3ER projects across assigned domains.


Now you can sync or communicate with CU3ER and rest of your page elements with easy and simple functions. Play or pause slideshow, navigate trough slides or listen to CU3ER events.

Playback Control

Manage and control CU3ER playback with auto-play, slide duration, looping, starting slide, randomize and other options. Awesome for creating timely controlled animations like web banners.


You are allowed to configure almost every aspect of your slideshow layout. It’s so easy to manage perfect blend between CU3ER and your web page – is that what is this all about?

Branding Management

Custom positioning of CU3ER logo is available trough branding options. You can even turn off CU3ER branding if your boss finds us boring!


Stack with something or looking for particular solution for your CU3ER problem? We have enabled you a couple of support channels you can use in order to solve your CU3ER problem.

and much, much more …

Get CU3ER now!

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RIAction Singapore on Thursday 26th Feb

The Singapore Flex Usergroup is very proud to present Singapore’s very first RIA ( Rich Internet Applications) Event – RIAction! Taking place on the 26th February 2009, RIAction will see speakers from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, together with community leaders, coming together for a day of technological updates, roadmaps and application showcase!

Seems like this is going to be another nice event organized by FUG Singapore, with some interesting topics… Event is free, and requires registration. See you there !


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Mirko Zarkovic featured at Netdiver

Mirko Zarkovic, a friend of mine and also interesting designer had his portfolio website featured at Netdiver. Also Mirko was recently featured at Design in Europe blog… Respect!

Netdiver :

Look ma, no flash! Another list of links only on a bared white page as a website? Yepp – but nice scripting that makes all projects thumbnails appear nicely upon click. Nice handy work by Mirko Zarkovic, currently based in Singapore.

Hagane Agency delivered programming for this interesting design concept, one of the Flash like sites that are fully made in JS, about year ago… Boban Karishik mainly programmed it, while I took some more challenging JavaScript parts as well as simple but interesting Flash player…

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Tetris in Javascript

Sometimes developers decide to build sites completly in Javascript that wants to have Flash look and feel. For me it’s a bad choice, mostly because of really bad experience, taking bad side in performance and experience because often there are no preloader no real fading no ease and soft transitions even they are trying to make it. It’s technically cool but that doesn’t makes me love the site.

On the other hand some Javascript developers push the limits making some 3d experiments or excellend 2d games in Javascript.
Tetris is well know game, possibly more then 2 decades passed after first version, and now I see it in Javascript, great implementaion and very playable, Tetris is not so processor demanding game. Great stuff, check it out (there is also link to the older version at the page)…

Tetris in Javascript