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FLV video playback with duration time and first frame as thumbnail

Here is new Tutorial which makes me very happy…

In last edit of this message I made a mistake
Flash can see duration of FLV file, using Stream.onMetaData
but also you can use PHP script to determing duration of FLV file

Example is just coding one, doing some buttons, style and rest I leave it to youi

also, if you do some serious application you should consider dynamic buffering technology, where buffer length and time is set dynamicly while movie is playing visitor recieve best results
so here it is

ZIP with PHP

EXAMPLE with MetaData (doing same thing)
ZIP with MetaData
just in same folder you unpack put FLV file named video.flv or use mine from this address

Happy New Year !!! Wish you all the best …

EDIT: Links are updated! Sorry for waiting…


18 thoughts on “FLV video playback with duration time and first frame as thumbnail

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  2. Another way to do this, could be using a tool called flv4php



    Have not had the change to looked at the fla source.

    flv4php displays a single key frame as a thumb. and not the full movie gets downloaded to just display the thumb.

    Also this tool have features like:
    # outputting meta data…
    # as mentioned flv “thumbs”
    # outputting a preview
    # streaming the file with the correct speed, or all at once.
    # can also modify meta data as you see fit. Adding copyrights and things like that.


  3. hai thanks very2 much for the tutorial 🙂 , is that okay if i ask a few question, how can i put thumbnail for the video (like xml galerry video thumbnail ) and stop and play button , or maybe theres any tutorial about it? thanks very2 much 🙂

  4. Just a quick note. To get the example working you need to change line 21:

    $duration = GetFLVDuration($_POST[“file”]);
    $duration = GetFLVDuration(‘video.flv’);

  5. Hello,

    thank you for the script. I am getting this echoed dur=52553 which is fine, because it changes with each flv file that I define. I would like to get it into a time format “minutes:seconds”. Any idea on how to do that?

    Thank you

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