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Roxik at Adobe MAX 2008 [Video]


What better could we ask for ? This is Roxik presentation from Adobe MAX, great talk even if there is no translation. But like my friend said, awesomness doesn’t need translation 🙂

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Actionscript Snippets : Get Flashvars in AS3

I am starting here a new series of posts, an Actionscript snippets that are useful in everyday programming. This is mainly because I don’t have time to share full source codes and examples, but I will try to find it. Until then I will post codes that are small but useful.

Let’s start with getting a Flashvars in AS3, something we often need to do

private function getFlashVars():Object {
	return Object( LoaderInfo( this.loaderInfo ).parameters );

remove private from function if you code in Flash IDE, but I hope you are into OOP thing.
After this retrieving of Flashvar is easy

_var1 = getFlashVars().var1;  // var1 is the name of the passed Flash variable

watch out, if var1 is not passed value returned will be undefined, so you can use like Ian Kirk said, but watch out for passing 0 value as Flash var then…

_var1 = getFlashVars().var1 || "defaulValue";  // var1 is the name of the passed Flash variable
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Webware 100 – c|net top 100 webware voting

Say No to boxed software! The future of applications is online delivery and access. Software is passé. Webware is the new way to get things done.


This voting strikes to a most important thing that is now happening on internet and that’s switching from desktop based to web based enviroment. I really like how powerfull all categories look, with at least two or three strong players and good services to offer, but mostly it’s all offered webwares that are great.

Vote and enjoy the change! Real change!

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SWF to Video SDK – a command line SWF to video conversion

Soon I will need to make a server side conversion of a SWF XML fed animation to video, and seems like I found a solution. It’s Moyea SWF to Video SDK, which works really nice. If you know any other options please let me know…


Key Features of SWF to Video SDK

  • Convert local and online SWF to video files in any formats for developers’ development goals
  • Convert SWF files which called through Parameter to video in any formats for developers’ development goals
  • Support video resizing and trimming to meet specific needs
  • Support AVI with Alpha Channel conversion to retain the original transparency
  • Process 32 bits RGBA file for further edit in Adobe Premiere
  • Adopt Lower-Playback-Speed technology to achieve accurate audio and video synchronization and no frame loss
  • Adopt audio-extracting technology, instead of recording; to 100% keep the original sound effect
  • Support multiple SWF files automatic conversion
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Interesting MS Surface “game”

Because creator did not allow embeding I must redirect you to the Vimeo to take a look at the interesting “game” made for Microsoft Surface. It’s called Genesis.

this is the quote from the video description

This is a deeper look at the 3D Microsoft Surface application we created recently for SxSW and Mix. Partnering with Microsoft, we designed custom ChromaDepth 3D glasses and distributed them to attendees of both events who wanted to try their hand at collaboratively creating a galaxy from scratch. It was a massive hit on the show floor.

very nice 🙂