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Firstborn masterpiece: Digital Kitchen – Microsoft Live – built in Processing

Great stuff made by firstborn
Complete case study about the project using photos of people faces + 3d transition + video projection can be found here
Video showcasing what they’ve achieved is here
Truly amazing and interesting project…

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Vector Magic – Stanford Vector tracing free online application built in Flex

Vector Magic is wonderfull Flex built tool for tracing image from bitmap to vector. It’s online and it’s free, which sounds wonderfull especially it got good critics on results. I’ve tried it myself and application is at really high level for Flex application. Maybe editing results of tracing could have more features but still amazing and you should try it. I think I will use it in many occasions.

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Rope Trick Effect

From Wikipedia: Rope trick is the term given by physicist John Malik to the curious lines and spikes which emanate from the fireball of certain nuclear explosions just after detonation.

Amazing photo shows this effect. Those damned nuclear explosions look pretty much interesting… Something magical can be found in this forms in space, but after seconds destruction is obvious so Earth experiments are very bad.

More about Rapatronic Camera, that recorded this photo can be found on

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