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Wonderfl Build Flash Online

Wonderfl Build Flash Online is a website where you can type your Flash code and see result online. Here are some details :

Who made this?
KAYAC Inc.‘s lab team: BM11.
Director: sugimasa
Designer: hashimoto
Markup Engineer: sakakibara
Programmer: ohtsuka
**KAYAC Inc.’s Flash Developer team blog: level0
Actionscript3 compiler version
Version 3.2.0 build 3794
Actionscript3 libraries which you can use in your code
as3corelib, version: 0.92.1
tweener, version: 1.31.74
Progression, version 3.0.8
Thread, version 1.0
Frocessing, rev.2067@libspark(maybe)
contact us if you want to use more libraries.

Users can share their work, and there are already a lot of interesting stuff there. Respect for Kayak crew.

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10 Dimensions of our world [video]

A little bit of brain exercise. Imagining the 10th dimension, or imagining dimensions above 4th which is time.

Rob Bryanton in this video explains what does 10 dimension of our world means. 1o dimensions are created by humans to describe the world they are in, taking it to the bounds of describing all possible universes within all possible times.

I wonder in how many dimension we can describe cyberspace.
If I am first dimension, connecting me to the other internet user directly is 2nd dimension (etc. email)… I’ll continue maybe one day 🙂

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Straightline Bookmarks

Straightline bookmarks is my new place for findin great new sites, especially Flash, since The FWA is showcasing mostly not so interesting stuff anymore. I don’t say The FWA lost it’s prime or anything, just that sites there are usually very visually and experiencially usual.

What sites you visit for daily cup of refreshment sites on the web? Seems like many of the old bookmarked sites that collected nice Flash works are not working anymore.

Straightline is a Matoshi Goto, web designer and programmer from Japan. On his homepage there are few other interesting sections including his work, artistic works by others and hmmm.. nice looking girls.

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The Actionscript Conference – My topic : Flash and Socialnetworking

The Actionscript Conference is coming soon. It will be held this week starting at Friday 17th till Sunday 19th which is main day of conference. As I’ve already mentioned, in its first issue, speaker list is great, Lee Brimelow, Peter Elst, Marco Casario, Stefan Wessels, Michael Plank, Prayank Swaroop and latest Grant Staker, and me.

I will be speaking on a topic that is very interesting Flash and Socialnetworking. Socialnetworking is at it’s peak now, or peak is yet to come but SNS (Social Networking Services) are in rise. In fact whole web is moving toward socially organised internet users and information exchanged between them. That should lead us (slowly for now) towards semantic web.
So how does Flash (Flash / Flex / AIR / Flash Lite) plays in this game. Is it enough to be widget, media and gaming platform in a world to come. We all know the strong sides of Flash, but does flash goes well with SEO and semantic web? what it needs to do to stand up to the role we all actionscripters and rich internet experience lovers would like?

Please post your oppinion on anything you have in mind for this topic, it will be valuable addition and will surely make a better content for the speech.

Thanks in advance!