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Flash Supersites : IKEA | PS

I am so glad to add one site to the Flash Supersites links – again there  is a great experience of discovering IKEAs ideas nad products.

IKEA | PS is new product line from IKEA, and every product has it’s story, which is nicely presented through Flash website, rich with video and animaton experience.


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SWF to Video SDK – a command line SWF to video conversion

Soon I will need to make a server side conversion of a SWF XML fed animation to video, and seems like I found a solution. It’s Moyea SWF to Video SDK, which works really nice. If you know any other options please let me know…

Key Features of SWF to Video SDK

  • Convert local and online SWF to video files in any formats for developers’ development goals
  • Convert SWF files which called through Parameter to video in any formats for developers’ development goals
  • Support video resizing and trimming to meet specific needs
  • Support AVI with Alpha Channel conversion to retain the original transparency
  • Process 32 bits RGBA file for further edit in Adobe Premiere
  • Adopt Lower-Playback-Speed technology to achieve accurate audio and video synchronization and no frame loss
  • Adopt audio-extracting technology, instead of recording; to 100% keep the original sound effect
  • Support multiple SWF files automatic conversion
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RIAction Singapore on Thursday 26th Feb

The Singapore Flex Usergroup is very proud to present Singapore’s very first RIA ( Rich Internet Applications) Event – RIAction! Taking place on the 26th February 2009, RIAction will see speakers from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, together with community leaders, coming together for a day of technological updates, roadmaps and application showcase!

Seems like this is going to be another nice event organized by FUG Singapore, with some interesting topics… Event is free, and requires registration. See you there !

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Flash Structure Creator – Flash extension panel for automatic folder structure and file creation

Extension panel is driven by xml schema, which can be customized to fit specific project requirements. It automatically creates fla, html, css and javascript files defined in the schema. It also includes swfobject 2.1 and swfaddress 2.2 by default.

Using this extension can effectively streamline new project creation work flow. It only takes a few clicks to achieve which usually takes hours to recreate, duplicate or customize from previous projects.

guys from Another Flash User Group Singapore created this Extension panel for their needs but it can certainly be useful for other Flash people…

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Insight into OpenScreen project

Thanks to the User Interface Resource Center, we can get an insight in what is happening with OpenScreen project directly from Adobe’s Anup Murarka, Director of Partner Development and Technology Strategy, Platform Business Unit who was interview by EffectiveUI senior developer Doug Schmidt.

Interview can be found here …