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Oblong g-speak – The Spatial Operating Environment

Take a look at this interesting technology, mixing futuristic user control, environment awareness and collaboration…

Oblong Industries is the developer of the g-speak spatial operating environment.

The SOE’s combination of gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels brings the first major step in computer interface since 1984; starting today, g-speak will fundamentally change the way people use machines at work, in the living room, in conference rooms, in vehicles. The g-speak platform is a complete application development and execution environment that redresses the dire constriction of human intent imposed by traditional GUIs. Its idiom of spatial immediacy and information responsive to real-world geometry enables a necessary new kind of work: data-intensive, embodied, real-time, predicated on universal human expertise.

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The Actionscript Conference Overview + slides from presentation

Weeks after The Actionscript Conference in Singapore I  can sum up all good things we’ve got and experienced there. TAC was event organized by Flex User Group Singapore. FUG Singapore is focus on Actionscript, Flex and Flash and other related services and server-side technologies.  This was a first conference I’ve attended and spoke at, so I surely cannot be objective enough, but I think that most of the speakers and attendees would agree TAC was a huge success.

At the start of the conference Hu Shunjie talked about Passion. Nice way to present actionscript community. It really relies on passion and inspiration from the very beginning and it feels strong even 10 years later.

In series of presentations of really great speaker line-up attendees could hear and see a lot of new Flash Player 10 features (Lee Brimelow), API references, Web Services, AIR developement (Marco Casario, Peter Elst).

PowerFlasher team had great presentation about their FDT Actionscript IDE. Micheal Plank demonstrated powerfull FDT features and speedcoding which gives you freedom. Micheal had great workshop also day before conference, demonstrating workflow that FDT makes possible using ANT compiling, SWC and SWF linking and a lot more…

Mohammed Khan had only presentation that was more design oriented. It was very good to hear a little introspective in designer developer workflow in Flex and where it should be in time that comes.

Prayank Swaroop presented BlazeDS, server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology. It is free solution and seems to me more and more used in Flex project because of it.

Most amazing presentation was given by Stefan Wessels, a Flash Lite guru. He presented Flash Lite from the perspective of the Darth Vader and the dark side. Seems like Flash Lite really inspires and through his inspirational talk he invited as to join the dark side, creating Flash Lite content, which is not so widespread…

I gave my presentation at the end of the day. I am not sure how it looked like but from my point of view I would be happy if people could remember few important things that connects Flash Platform and Socialnetworking. Flash is great platform for developing, present at more than 90% of internet enabled devices. It is fairly easy and cost-free platform. It support all socialnetworking interactions but lacks in SEO and semantic web which will mean a lot in future. My slides are available at SlideShare

Pictures from the conference at Flickr
Lee Brimelow video report
Interviews with some of the speakers

Great news is that preparation for next TAC has already started. Organisers should consider 2 days instead of one, so people can talk more, and focus more on speeches. Anyway, this was a boost I hope for Singapore Actionscript community which I am proud to be a part of.

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The Actionscript Conference – My topic : Flash and Socialnetworking

The Actionscript Conference is coming soon. It will be held this week starting at Friday 17th till Sunday 19th which is main day of conference. As I’ve already mentioned, in its first issue, speaker list is great, Lee Brimelow, Peter Elst, Marco Casario, Stefan Wessels, Michael Plank, Prayank Swaroop and latest Grant Staker, and me.

I will be speaking on a topic that is very interesting Flash and Socialnetworking. Socialnetworking is at it’s peak now, or peak is yet to come but SNS (Social Networking Services) are in rise. In fact whole web is moving toward socially organised internet users and information exchanged between them. That should lead us (slowly for now) towards semantic web.
So how does Flash (Flash / Flex / AIR / Flash Lite) plays in this game. Is it enough to be widget, media and gaming platform in a world to come. We all know the strong sides of Flash, but does flash goes well with SEO and semantic web? what it needs to do to stand up to the role we all actionscripters and rich internet experience lovers would like?

Please post your oppinion on anything you have in mind for this topic, it will be valuable addition and will surely make a better content for the speech.

Thanks in advance!

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Lee Brimelow Interview with Justin Everett-Church, Senior Product Manager for Flash Player

Very nice interview by Lee Brimelow with Justin Everett-Church, who is the Senior Product Manager for Flash Player, about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Flash Player 10 and our new search technology.
I somehow missed this one, and I am very happy to watched it now. I like the non-hype realistic talk Justin presented.

Watch the interview at TheFlashBlog by Lee Brimelow

One note more is that Lee Brimelow will be presenting at The Actionscript Conference in Singapore… Great news.