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Lee Brimelow Interview with Justin Everett-Church, Senior Product Manager for Flash Player

Very nice interview by Lee Brimelow with Justin Everett-Church, who is the Senior Product Manager for Flash Player, about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Flash Player 10 and our new search technology.
I somehow missed this one, and I am very happy to watched it now. I like the non-hype realistic talk Justin presented.

Watch the interview at TheFlashBlog by Lee Brimelow

One note more is that Lee Brimelow will be presenting at The Actionscript Conference in Singapore… Great news.

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Adobe eSeminar – Integrating Flex with PDF and Acrobat 9

I’ve today attended eSeminar from Adobe Australia and New Zealand titled – Integrating Flex with PDF and Acrobat 9.
Adobe perfectly hits the spot in PDF creation and fill the important place in its well known PDF file format. It is obvious now that Flash is far more then a plugin, and in last few years it completly transformed itself into platform which surely now fits great into PDF documents and Acrobat workflow.

Incorporating Flash inside PDF document is very easy, in few steps you insert it into document and later easily access it through Javascript integration… Only thing that doesn’t seem natural is not naming a SWF file you import so you don’t access your flash by name but by number which seems little odd… This should be more likely to HTML page where you name your Flash file and then access it by name.

Great side is easy integration of Acrobat code inside Flex or Flash application, you can pass code from Flex/Flash you want Acrobat to execute, that is easy and important for all dialogs, scrolling and so on. Integration with web is natural, and works perfectly within document.

Adobe also introduces in Acrobat new feature PDF Portfolio which lets you create interactive document using a built in Flex application (this depicts Flash as a platform), throught the series of wizards and tools.

eSeminar was hosted by FlexDaddy -aka- Andrew Spaulding. It was a pleasure and I am eagerly waiting for next eSeminar…

Seminar on demand video will appear here…
List of eSeminars Adobe Australia and New Zealand

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Flex 4 – Gumbo first release is out


The next version of Flex, code name Gumbo, is now in active development. It is has 3 primary themes:

  • Design in Mind: provide a framework meant for continuous collaboration between designer and developer.
  • Developer Productivity: improve compiler performance and add productivity enhancements to language features like data binding
  • Framework Evolution: take advantage of new Flash Player capabilities and add features required by common use-cases

Download and read more at Adobe Opensource site

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Flash SuperSites : TommyTV

So how one flash website can be called supersite. Lets go step by step :

1. Purpose of Flash … If Flash site is being done in Flash there must be a good reason why it is done in Flash. Main reasons one site is good to go in Flash is – delivering of rich media, animation and effects, application needs… TommyTV is all about media, and application needs. Site delivers video from concerts and it’s desing incorporates 3D menu visuals.

2. Content… No metter if site is made in Flash, Ajax, HTML what makes it good is its content. And believe me TommyTV is all about great content, especially if you are a music lover. There is a band for every taste.

3. (UI) Design… it’s easy to get away from good UI design idea in Flash, too much of that or this takes you away. So keeping it clean, consistent and usefull for user is for respect. TommyTV have all of this. Resepct 🙂

4. Performance… Keeping a Flash in user acceptable performance is getting easier as Flash moves towards new player versions and better virtual machine. Even with that some sites go to far, or just don’t follow all the rules for better performance. TommyTV keeps it performance at high level, which for many video streaming sites and 3D sites isn’t a case.

If I remember few things more or you have your opinion please post a comment…

Anyway, enjoy TommyTV website, music and pleasure at one place…