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Wonderfl Build Flash Online

Wonderfl Build Flash Online is a website where you can type your Flash code and see result online. Here are some details :

Who made this?
KAYAC Inc.‘s lab team: BM11.
Director: sugimasa
Designer: hashimoto
Markup Engineer: sakakibara
Programmer: ohtsuka
**KAYAC Inc.’s Flash Developer team blog: level0
Actionscript3 compiler version
Version 3.2.0 build 3794
Actionscript3 libraries which you can use in your code
as3corelib, version: 0.92.1
tweener, version: 1.31.74
Progression, version 3.0.8
Thread, version 1.0
Frocessing, rev.2067@libspark(maybe)
contact us if you want to use more libraries.

Users can share their work, and there are already a lot of interesting stuff there. Respect for Kayak crew.


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