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MySQL Workbench – DBDesigner successor

Successor, such a nice word, especially because it contains success and in this case refers to wonderfull piece of software, called DBDesigner. I used DBDesigner for designing a lot of MySQL databases. Tool is great, wonderfull, makes your life easier, and it was always free…

Today I’ve checked fabForce site, home of Michael G. Zinner and his DBDesigner and I saw that DBDesigner has successor, called MySQL Workbench. It it made by MySQL team led by Michael G. Zinner. Yet another nice story about how sharing your skills can lead to some bigger achievements.

So, I’ve downloaded MySQL Workbench… Progress on the software can be seen immediatly, much more options to work with, nices usability and so on… Thank you MySQL and Michael!

MySQL Workbench page


4 thoughts on “MySQL Workbench – DBDesigner successor

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  2. Haven’t feel the need to see the backend of databases. CMS like WordPress and Joomla does all the work. Its still a good tool, i may need it for later, thanks.

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