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Adobe MAX Japan – if you know Japanese?

I already talked with few persons about this. People from Adobe are sure that at conference most of the speakers will not be from Japan so sessions will be simultaniosly translated. I am going surely to the event, but if I want to get more info I need to learn Japanese, at least for now. Adobe MAX Japan website is only available in Japanese, I wonder if Adobe MAX Europe web page should be all in Italian because it’s in Italy ? 😉 and yes, one of cons of Flash are that it cannot be translated with Google translate or similar stuff (not yet)…

Com’on Adobe there is so much people outside of Japan who wants to get their feet wet at MAX in Tokyo, please share all information regarding this event in English too… or Italian 🙂


One thought on “Adobe MAX Japan – if you know Japanese?

  1. Cobo says:

    i visited the jp site today because i’m not able to visit the Milan event.

    it sucks³ that theres no way to view it in english.

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