Google’s browser – Chrome

Sounds like good news, even that new browser may sound like a lot more headache for developers. But if it’s open sourced, based on well known WebKit that shouldn’t be a problem. It can even be a best thing happened to internet because todays browsers are cool, but not good enough. I like Firefox but still, I can love some other better browser. Especially after Firefox 3.0.1 kept crashing every time I start it… until I’ve turned all my add ons, one by one… If Firefox is making me headache you can imagine how I feel using Internet Explorer.

Google Blog post about Chrome

Scott McCloud Comic about Chrome

source : Blogscoped



2 thoughts on “Google’s browser – Chrome

  1. I use Chrome a lot since I down loaded it a few days ago. I quickly turned it off several times when I ran into a lack of Java plugins for it, and problems with it even recognizing buttons.

    I’d love to use it, because it is very fast, but the lack of SEO and web master extensions/tool bars has me holding back.

    I love Fire Fox 3, but I have problems with it crashing too. IE, well… still IE. And I’m not excited about 8, because I’m sure they didn’t fix any of the well documented bugs.

    All in all I am casting my hope that Chrome will be my new default browser.

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