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FlashDevelop 3 beta 8 is out…

FlashDevelop is great Windows IDE for developing Flash, Flex and AIR application, as well as accompanying Javascript and PHP file.

Follow this link to get more info and download FlashDevelop beta 8.

Please donate to the project if you are using it.

From the forum post :

About FlashDevelop:

* Features
* Screenshots


* New “fullscreen” editor mode
* New common GUI for AS2Api and ASDoc
* SWF exploration shows the frame where definitions are imported

* Fine tuned code completion
* Dynamic syntax highlighting: custom classes get colored like flash classes (MovieClip, Event, etc)
* Completion for package-level declarations and Flash 10’s Vector.<T> type
* New generator: Ctrl+Shift+1 on a non-imported type to generate the import
* Go To Declaration (F4) with SWC classes display a generated pseudo-class
* Improved generators

* Tags with ID now appear in outline view and <script> code completion
* Updated completion (generated using a tool available in SVN)

* Improved MXML projects templates
* New optimized AS3 project template with preloader (no Flex dependencies)
* Templates now include an index.html with swfobject.js

* Now featuring simple PHP completion


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