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Flash SuperSites : TommyTV

So how one flash website can be called supersite. Lets go step by step :

1. Purpose of Flash … If Flash site is being done in Flash there must be a good reason why it is done in Flash. Main reasons one site is good to go in Flash is – delivering of rich media, animation and effects, application needs… TommyTV is all about media, and application needs. Site delivers video from concerts and it’s desing incorporates 3D menu visuals.

2. Content… No metter if site is made in Flash, Ajax, HTML what makes it good is its content. And believe me TommyTV is all about great content, especially if you are a music lover. There is a band for every taste.

3. (UI) Design… it’s easy to get away from good UI design idea in Flash, too much of that or this takes you away. So keeping it clean, consistent and usefull for user is for respect. TommyTV have all of this. Resepct 🙂

4. Performance… Keeping a Flash in user acceptable performance is getting easier as Flash moves towards new player versions and better virtual machine. Even with that some sites go to far, or just don’t follow all the rules for better performance. TommyTV keeps it performance at high level, which for many video streaming sites and 3D sites isn’t a case.

If I remember few things more or you have your opinion please post a comment…

Anyway, enjoy TommyTV website, music and pleasure at one place…


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