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FUG Singapore July Meeting – Papervision and FDT presentations

It sounds like July meeting of FUG in Singapore will be even more interesting then in June. Basically it will be held out of Adobe offices at Tequilla office in Singapore.

Address is T\Junction Building, 5 Kadayanallur Street 069183
Seminar Room and meeting is held at 9th July at 19h. Entry is FREE but you should come at least half our before to register…

There will be two sessions as usuall In this meeting. Andrii Olefirenko will speak about Papervision 3D. FUG  also invited Nico, the founder of FDT, Germany, to give us a remote presentation on the FDT IDE and how it can improve your development workflow.

So great stuff again, see you there I will post if ther will be online live video stream, if not I am sure FUG Singapore site will have video files to download.


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