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Adobe Open Screen Project

First on 28th April Mozillas Tristan Nitot from Mozilla Europe warned on “Flash and Silverlight Agenda” which was pretty ridiculous, but we all know why is that. Mozilla plans to complete on that market and they are so eager to put flame in the air.

Well, Adobe made just a few days later announcement that not only sounds great. It is and will be one of the most influential decisions for Adobe and our developer community. SWF and FLV will have no licencing restrictions anymore! Other facts are that mayor companies in digital world goes with Adobes Flash and AIR for their products. Future of Flash is secure, and it is here to stay surely. Thanks for smart moves. Yet another time it shows up that competition drives forward whole industry.

Adobe press release for Open Screen Project
Open Screen Project Homepage
Adobes Ryan Stewart post on ZDNet


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