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Today is World Book Day

In world of internet many people forgot old fashioned free time crasher, good old book. Thats a shame, and time with a book is not a time wasted. Personally I read a lot. I was reading a lot when I was in elementary school too, all SF books and adventurers were interesting to me then and it is now.

I would recommend two readers that are in my focus now :
Amin Maalouf – writer who currently lives in France. He had big life experience which can be really nice seen by reading his books. His books are historical fiction, great stories which are based on historic events like my personal favourites Samarkand and Gardens of light. He also wrote a non fictional book, like “Crusades through Arab eyes”, amazing historical evidence focusing on Arab perspective on Crusades.

Viktor Pelevin – modern russian writer, emerging from post-Soviet era. He mixes pop culture and esotheric momenths. I like his writing style, which keeps you by the book until you read it. “Generation P” is great book, especially for us in digital industry, and I would recommend a must-read tag on this.

Happy Book Day and Happy reading…


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