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DivX plugin – DivX videos inside browser

The DivX Web Player is a sleek plug-in that allows DivX videos to be played directly within your web browser.
I’ve download it and tried it out on Stage6 – Youtube like site, who is broadcasting it’s video over DivX format.

Plug-in looks good, and works good. It’s almost the same as desktop version of DivX player. Video quality is really nice especially you can see it at fullscreen, loading time is good. Would this bring a big wave of DivX video on internet deployment I don’t know but it could happen. Embedding a video tutorial can be found on DivX Labs website, and even if you’re don’t want to use code generator  it looks like using SWFObject for Flash, very simple. This is definitly one of the best jobs lately in expanding web browser capabilities.

Download the plug-in from DivX website.


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