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Flash vs Silverlight HD Video – links

I was interested what I can find between differences in VC-1 (user for HD in Silverlight) and H.264 (used for HD in Flash) video standards

Good article

I like H.264 personally, being a standard in HD video on discs (Blu-ray and HD-DVD).
Today I watched new Adobe HD video showcase site… It looks great surely, loading times are acceptable, I can easily say very good…
Only one thing Flash Video is suffering I think is performance on slower CPUs, hopefully Flash player will soon get much faster as more hardware is included in processing. Anyway this is all great, HD is much more interesting then DivX-like quality videos!

Thanks to the reply from John Dowdell from Adobe I am posting updated page on recommended requirements for smooth HD playback in Flash Player


7 thoughts on “Flash vs Silverlight HD Video – links

  1. quetwo says:

    Slower hardware will always have problem with full-screen high-defination video. It dosen’t really matter the codec, platform or application, it just takes a lot of horsepower to do that amount of video. Luckily with the cost of hardware becoming cheaper and cheaper, it is becoming less of a problem, and older hardware is being replaced at a fairly quick rate.

  2. you are true about hardware progress but Flash surely have performance issue that needs to be more and more taken away…
    I love Flash but I am objective, and I think VC-1 in Silverlight really needs less cpu resources then H.264 in Flash for smooth playback
    I don’t think it’s big advantage it’s just statement which is as far as i Know true for Windows… I don’t know about Mac Silverlight plugin
    if anyone can do the comparison that would be very cool…

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