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Does Aviary spammed MXNA (and others) today or MXNA is broken? [RESOLVED]

As I see it today most of posts on MXNA links to Aviary, one that doesn’t contain any words about Aviary. I am sorry but many looks to be interesting posts links to this site (their blog) part and I don’t find it interesting or anything like that. If Aviary is responsible I would be very sorry to hear that, because for such a promising service this should be one big big minus, especially if they are taking themselfes so high as “Changing the face of the web”.
If MXNA is the problem then hopefully it will be fixed very soon and Aviary got many many links free…

There is also enormous amount of submitted posts that talks about Aviary, which is ok but seems to me they are all coming from the same source and appears few times. Making 10 links coming 3 time means MXNA looks pretty Aviary today…

EDIT: as you can read in comments Avi Muchnick tell us what happened,

We changed how our URLs are formatted from numbers to sentences so search engines could read it:


I guess that MXNA interpreted that as new posts and reindexed us. I also saw that happen to our feedburner RSS feeds.

I’m very, very sorry for that happening. We would never intentionally spam anyone.

I can now see what the problem is and I must apologize to Aviary for considering for spam idea, I can admit I didn’t believe that but I wanted to draw some attention to this problem… hope this helped, wish you all the best


6 thoughts on “Does Aviary spammed MXNA (and others) today or MXNA is broken? [RESOLVED]

  1. Peter says:

    I’m pretty sure its an MXNA problem — it happens once in a while where rather than just pick up the new post it aggregates their entire RSS. Not sure what causes it, maybe some change in server timestamp or whatever.

    If you look at the Aviary blog, their posts were made on different days. I see this happening once every two weeks or so where MXNA gets flooded by posts from the same blog.

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  3. one other thing remains for MXNA to solve,
    post like Web 3.0 Google CEO link, not mine but one earlier also links to Aviary blog, and that’s not the first time it confuses links
    hope MXNA will get rid of the bug, fingers crossed

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