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Cyber vs Real – Radiohead In Rainbows for free

From The Seminal:

“Last week, Radiohead released their latest album, In Rainbows, for free, asking fans to pay whatever they liked for the full length downloadable work. To me, the writing on the wall was clear. Radiohead wasn’t the first to give away their music, and they won’t be the last. I declared the era of free music to be upon us and the album as a saleable item dead. Many thought I was right.”

According to a source close to the band, In Rainbows has “sold” approximately 1.2 million copies as of October 12th. In comparison, that’s more albums sold in the first week than Radioheads’ last three releases combined. According to an Internet poll of 3,000 people, the average price paid for In Rainbows was $8. If these numbers are accurate, Radiohead has made close to $10 million in one week on this album alone.”

We can really discuss is this product of cyberspace influence on real world or not. But after discussion we must agree it wouldn’t be possible to happen withou internet aka cyberspace. It’s also obvious that cyberspace way of thinking, freedom in front of popularity brought all this to life. So what do you think? this win – win situation could be model for many other things that should be corrected in todays world. Internet will take over many things older people got used to having physically so do you vote YES or NO for progress? What could be pros and cons in terms of future?


10 thoughts on “Cyber vs Real – Radiohead In Rainbows for free

  1. Thanks for the link. To me this seems like a win-win. I’m not sure the Internet holds too many age bounderies anymore. Just look at classical music, with a huge Internet following of fans of all ages.

  2. Mike says:

    I have Radiohead on Google alert- It’s amazing how much disinformation there has been about In Rainbows- A lot of it attributed to blogs, but you also have to wonder if there isn’t something more sinister afoot.

    First there was the complaints about Bps- the down load was only 160 bps vs 460 bps on a CD. Then there were complaints about the songs disappearing from the download site, mysteriously. Then came the news that only half of the 1.2m people paid for the album- now it is that 500,000, then later 500M (are there 500M radiohead fans?) downloaded the album illegally on P2P sites, since they found the instructions on their site too difficult to follow.

    Are these news snippets from the record industry, spreading fear as a retallation against the band? I am all for the concept- bypass the record companies who add no value to the music of established bands.

    I downloaded the album in 2 minutes, I have it on my Ipod and am enjoying the heck out of it- Oh yeah, I paid $10 for it too. Good money spent…

  3. Joe says:

    I’d like to hear more about the issues that Mike brought up. I’m happy for Radiohead. I think it’s a travesty that the bands can’t keep more of their money. Heaven only knows the price they paid to get there. When you heard stories a couple of years ago when a CD cost $18.98 $15.99 discounted and that the band only got $1.34 I think it was and expenses taken out of that. So that in reality the music company kept all their money and they get to keep only their money from touring. Which has to be very hard work. Anyway, if there is anyone who has hard verifiable statistics, I sure would like to hear them.

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  5. I agree this is all speculations but results can’t be so bad
    only thing I got very frustrated is that site is very bad produces
    bad usability and too many questions,
    when I want to hear some music I want it ASAP and they’ve asking me ton of personal info, which they could after I download and donate

    yes, older people follow internet, I helping some of them to get know how to use it, I mentioned older people because todays kids almost don’t know for any other media type except mp3 and stuff

    this is good direction, but only that worries me that if internet keeps giving this freedom politics would make it more restrictive like
    they would want to fight back

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