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What a Hands Can Do : Tatara Project

Tatara Project is one man path from iron ore to steel, from steel to fine japanese blades. Incredible how power of will can make you do things you like. In few very well descibed steps Jesus Hernandez takes you on incredible tour which can help you understand and possibly inspire you to make one if you haven’t did it already 🙂


4 thoughts on “What a Hands Can Do : Tatara Project

  1. Jannet says:

    I hear that japanes formal sword is made from iron sand,not
    iron ore.However Hitachi metals is one of high-tech specialty steel maker,raw steel for samurai sword is made from iron sand by the ancient steel making method “tatara”.
    I hear that Hitachi’s modern speciality steel making is based on the sword making technology.
    And also I wached NHK TV program named Project-X and it said the same explanation.

  2. Mifune says:

    Yasugi tatara(Hitachi and Nittoho) was called Yasukuni tatara before lost of World War 2. Many soldier died with this steel sword. So in Japan,it is thought that such souls exist in Yasukuni shrine.

  3. Schott says:

    In addition,the appreciation of Japanese sword was developed from strength inspection of non-destruction.It is big defference compared to Damascus sword. And wavy pattern on sword surface is made not only by forging but also by quenching.
    And also beautful wave pattern is controlled by raw material”Tamahagane”.So tamahagane is made by ancient steel making “tatara” which high-tech steel maker Hitachi Steel(another name of Hitachi Metals) deal with.

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