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Heavyform Creative Agency – Interview in English

Heavyform is company based in Serbia. Recently they’ve recieved another The FWA – Site of the Day award, keeping their line of success raising high.
Awarded site Markez Models as usuall tries to tell the story and it succeeds.

This second FWA prize and many other things that made Heavyform a symbol of succesfull web based company in Serbia, model for how things should be done, was big reason to ask Nenad Bogar from Heavyform to do a little but special interview. Special because it’s first for Cyberspace Nova, my blog.

As I have promised I’ve translated interview from

1. Introduce yourself, how would you describe Heavyfrom in few words?
2. When and how it all started?

We are trying to choose clients that we believe we can make interesting and inovative websites. Smaller awards were coming in, and shorly after 2 The FWA awards, interviews and coming out in Taschens books (Web Design studios, Logos Now), Pepin press (Web design index) and one in making from Taschen in cooperation with The FWA.

3. What makes successfull studio, and how does that reflected on Heavyform team?

 Heavyform  team consist mostly from project based employers. Team that were in projects that recieved The FWA awards are: Nenad Bogar – Creative Director, Damir Jakobac – Actionscript Programmer, Marijana Zaric – Illustrator, Vladimir Cuk – Sound.

I think that way of approaching and thinking about project is what makes  Heavyform team sucessfull. Inovations made in creating website, trying always to achieve and make something new, and coming out always with sites that are “tailored for the client”.

4. Workflow?

We are brainstorming in many directions, and many ideas coming out for the concept. After that we all know who does what and everything works perfectlly, specially for reason that everyone are interested in doing things in a new way, something they haven’t done still.

5. Current projects?

There are always at least 10 active projects. Most interesting are: Medoprodukt, ITM massage center, NLAP online Flash shop, Zikidias 3D animation studio from Holland, Pionir website.

6. Turnaround moment? Is there one? Taschen books, FWA Awards maybe?

Two The FWA Site of The Day Awards brought many clients. Provox site that recieved The FWA award had 40.000 visits in one months which we consider to be great success. Heavyform also appeared in Taschen Web Design Studios book which was big breakthrough and offers are coming in our way …

7. Plans for future? Where are you heading in your visions?

We are collaborating with Hybrid Studio from Los Angeles for more then 2 years. Hybrid Studio is one of the major US studios for entertainment bussiness beside 2A, Big Spaceship, Ted Perez. Our clients are 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios. We are planning soon to open studio which will work mainly on that kind of projects. Studio would try to gather talented individuals from Serbia to work on interesting projects.


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