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Artificial Intelligence on Web – part 1 – Zemanta

Recently Europe’s Seedcamp winners are announced. Seedcamp is incubator-style event for European startups.
Beside every winner is interesting one stands out judging by my interests.

Zemanta is ‘content-intelligence’ platform, which automaticly enchances your text content with links and images, making it web-ready. Zemanta is Slovenian based startup, and Saul Klein said about Zemanta people: “We loved the founders, these are passionate, smart guys. They have even got a working application and a customer (albiet in Slovenia, where they are based). This is a great value proposition for publishers. And how many bloggers would like this tool? We also liked the fact that they were coming out of Slovenia [where Seedcamp had lot of applications] and Seedcamp really is about getting to all corners of Europe.”

I’ve tried it and it’s pretty good. So where we are heading with AI on the web. I could say it’s not present at high level in everyday surfing, but looking at big services like search engines it sure makes a big deal. More than that there are a lot of example that AI is included in web-apps to serve user better, or for company use taking advantage of global connectivity through web.

EDIT: Don’t get suprised if you’re results are not good, because Zemanta is now only defined for Slovenian language, as Zemanta authors stated English language support is coming in next 3 months… all the best to Zemanta crew

So there are a lot of things to consider when AI on Web is subject. I will try to find out more on this interesting topic and see how future will take advantage of this… AI + Web = ?


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