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Silverlight 1.0 Released / Flash Player “Astro” announced

We are slowly sliding into RIE (Rich Internet Experience) era. As I can predict 3-5 years from now on we would have something really different on the face of the web. It is time to move on from flat text experience to the rich media experience. Search engines and other companies involved must work towards it, computers are getting powerfull and avarage bendwidth have risen significatly compared to 7-8 years ago. And web pretty much looks the same / except it’s RIE part.

Microsoft released Silverlight 1.0 . I’ve downloaded it and installed. It works well in Firefox as I’ve tried MS features examples on Silverlight homepage.
At the same time Ted Patrick comments on Silverlight and how it pushed forward to a faster moves by Flash Player team at Adobe.
Also he announces next Flash Player versio called “Astro”:

“At Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago we are going showing off the next full release of Flash Player code named “Astro”. The features are mind blowing and add capabilities far beyond anything the market today. The future of Adobe Flash Player looks very bright indeed.”

What he says got my attention and reised hopes that Flash VM will become better and involve more hardware support in it’s VM.
There are planty of wishes from community but let’s wait for Adobe Max Chicago 2007 to see what will happen…

Great news for RIA and future web experiences…


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