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FlashDevelop 3.0.0. Beta 3 released

FlashDevelop is best free editor for ActionScript projects. I absolutly love it. There are many things that helps me in everyday work.
Now it comes 3.0.0 beta 3 release with some new features which will surely be usefull.

What’s new:

* Quick Find tool added, similar to one in Firefox
* Start page plugin added (contributed by Mike McMullin)
* Flex debugger integrated for trace captures (no more FlashConnect)
* Completion is now “always on”, as in Visual Studio (configure in AScompletion settings)

Some things done:

* Revised installer texts and selected components
* Improved local code formater (enable from ASCompletion settings)
* Many general completion and UI fixes

Read more and download from

Great news is also that
“Also we are pleased to announce that Alessandro “sepiroth” Crugnola has recently joined the team – he already produced a fair amount of additional plugins!”

if you like it SUPPORT FlashDevelop ! I do 😀


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