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Flash Forward Festival Overview – Category : Experience

It’s time to burst my oppinion about category for Flash Forward Festival finals that goes very well with Flash.


Experience is what Flash is all about, so I expect to see something really speciall.
WOW WOW WOW WOW. 4 WOWs that never happened before :). I’ve seen 3 of 4 sites earlier but that doesn’t change great experience I have visiting them. the Glass! may be THE Best Flash site of the 2007. It is one step forward towards future web by my oppinion. I know it’s just a game 🙂 Taking a board game onto such a professional level, with good looking prerendered 3d and perfect interactivity it sticks you to the monitor for lot of time. I’ve showed this to a lot of 3d artists and people who are not in the web world and reaction was : “I wanna do that”. Get the Glass in that way surely deliver commercial success but for Flash this site is more then that, it goes into legend.

Nokia – The Passenger

Nokia the Passenger is also part of marketing bussiness Flash delivers over the web. Nokia realesed a new device and accompanied it with a great Flash site. There are some Flash sites that let you drive a car, but this one let you drive through Paris saving a beatifull woman. What more can one ask for ? 😀 Video sequences that fits one after another in car chase brings real good experince through browser, at least for me. 5/5
Red Universe 5/5

Red Interactive Agency couldn’t do better site to showcase their great feeling for interactivity. Browsing their homepage you don’t get just portfolio info and job opportunities. You get a chance to create you’re own characted, drop it in their world, chat with other, get flying and all that in very funny way. Red revealed feature by feature letting people follow making of site. Even site is not huge, idea is perfect, making experience level in this site raises huge over the ground. 5/5

The Museum of African Diaspora : Slave Narratives 5/5

Imagine how it looked like taking a people freedom, torturing them, killing them and moving them far far away from their home. Tears can follow very easily if you just put one picture on your mind how it looked like. Yet, Slave Narrative put thousends of pictures in front of your eyes if you listen to the stories of slaves who lived to write them and share with people that will live after them. Let’s never forget this, because it’s happening today, like some stories from Slave Narratives tell… I love that this site is done in Flash, it is so powerfull, it tells a story that we cannot hear a lot… Narrative part not just only justifies use of Flash, whole interactivity makes it great. 5/5

Slave Narratives have strongest experience site can give for me, but is more life experience then a Flash so I can’t vote for it in this category. Amazing Get the Glass! surely is candidate for best site of 2007, and without a doubt vote goes for it.


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