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Assembly ’07 Browser Compo entries and results

Recently Browser category was introduced to all mayor demo scene competitions. Taking it roots from 90’s many Flash developers with AS3 gained enough power to present real demos, with tons of 3d, objects and bitmap filters.

Thanks to the simppa, great Flash devoloper from Finland, and his blog we get in one place all the entries from Browser category which usually consist only of Flash works.
First Prize won ADHDTV by EvoFlash which uses Away3D engine
Read more on simppa.fi blog

About the full demos, I’ve saw recent release from Farbrausch, the best crew in demo scene today for me
Demo is called Debris and features incredible physics real time showreel
I suggest you download Farbrausch 41: Debris but you can watch it from YouTube too


2 thoughts on “Assembly ’07 Browser Compo entries and results

  1. I’ve checked out whole folder from scene.org
    I can say there are some great videos / demos announcing some hungarian demo scene party.
    Too bad I cannot view X-Box demos, but in PC section I cannot find nothing speciall
    in browser field adhdtv Away3d demo is great
    so great I’ve started using it to finally start making my home page look great

    katana experiment / wip

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