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think swedish (beta) – Fantasy Interactive blog in Flash

There are some blogs running on Flash, but none of them was complete product. Fantasy Interactive Propod project brought one really good blog based on Flash.

What Propod brings to the audience:

  • nice displayed fonts with aliasing
  • great integration with media – video, images, audio
  • SharedObject History for every visitor
  • non stressfull user experience through eased Flash interface
  • deeplinking
  • Javascript / Flash integration

I am surely missing something because I’m not the author. I would surely make a list a lot longer if that is true 😀
one thing that I found missing is alternative content generation based on URL, that’s not huge problem but something like that would make Propod perfect
also, it could be a little more flashy, but that could be downside too, I guess FI though about it twice before they’ve decided to be more classic style like

annoying thing about Flash is popup blockers integrated in browsers, but once you allow it it should be ok, and other thing about Flash is middle mouse button can’t open me tab in new window
I’ve subscribed to be included in testing, so I will hopefully see admin panel soon, it wonders me how great it is.

That’s about technical side, but about the content I can only tell WOW
I can easily say best Interactive Agency in the world – Fantasy Interactive opened it’s doors to their ideas, projects and experience. Respect for the FI.


6 thoughts on “think swedish (beta) – Fantasy Interactive blog in Flash

  1. An impressive job building such a system, but a complete waste of time in my opinion. Flash isn’t meant to display gobs of text. For a blog, that’s a requirement. Why skip over the excellent browser HTML engine that the user already has, and give them a poor alternative? The only advantage is that FI knows they don’t have to check for browser inconsistencies.

    nfortunately, interactions with the content don’t work like regular browsers. I can’t right click on a link and choose “Open in New Tab”, I can’t select the title of a post along with the body text. Like I said, it’s an impressive engineering effort. They made it look like a real HTML blog, but what was the point?

  2. you are right about keeping it to ordinary HTML that we’ve used too
    btw you can right click on link and select open in new tab (at least in FF)

    about why to do it, for FI it’s perfectly clear that their direction is Flash development and being that this is just one more thing prooving thier “We can do anything in Flash” point. Ant they are right…

    good thing I see in this blog is that it drives forward Flash making things that fit well and doesn’t fit well shown to the user and Adobe so they make the product better

    thanks for your oppinion

  3. I totally agree with Josh. This is one of those things that gives Flash a bad rep. I really love Flash – but hate when it is used like this (just like I hated the all-Flash version of Adobe Exchange).

  4. I am surely missing something because I’m not the author. I would surely make a list a lot longer if that is true 😀

    Yeap, just like Ryan & Joe talking about iPhone uckups 🙂

  5. This sounds all too familiar. “Flash shouldn’t be used that way…” etc, etc. I remember not so long ago how folks of the same kind of thinking said Flash was not supposed to be used for application development. Come on people, this is innovation at work. We at Pier heard the same story when we released our all-flash corporate blog less then a year ago. Lots off nay-sayers then too. We know we did something right because our peers recognized our achievement through FWA “Site of the Day” awards and being a 2007 Official Honoree at the 11th Annual Webby Awards. The greatest benefit to us by far has been the number of people coming to us for work as a result of this demonstration of capability–doing things with Flash that were not supposed to be done. It’s time to start moving past this outdated thinking and find ways to push the technologies of today in the hope of making them better for tomorrow. We all benefit when that happens.

  6. No, flash shouldn’t be used that way.
    Especially when talking about SEO.

    LOL and awards mean nothing. So you know there’s TONS of talent and projects out there that never even get entered for awards. Sometimes because it’s not complete, sometimes because the author doesn’t have the money, sometimes because the author didn’t know about the off the wall award, and sometimes because entering it in competitions would break agreements and contracts.

    It is a REALLY nice looking media blog. It’s going to be really good and should make for some important ground work in moving the internet forward with media blogging. Just like the iPhone made progress in moving people toward internet on phones/mobile devices. Granted phones already existed that could do everything an iPhone could before….while Propod may be more of a pioneer in this case…but there have been other attempts and I have to believe that there is another media blog out there already. Maybe just not as well advertised…and maybe not as good.

    However. Keep your eyes peeled because I KNOW for a FACT that there WILL be another media blog on the horizon and it’s going to take care of all the disadvantages of Propod. …but with a full-time job and work the author is saying it won’t be 100% done for 9 months. Though a beta will be around for people to see first quarter next year.

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