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ForX 0.6a released – Flash AS2.0 XML E4X style like manipulator class by Syndrome

Syndrome. very good Flash developer from Serbia, my countryman released 0.6a version of his ForX XML class which is E4X style like XML manipulator class. In next releases many more good thing will come!

What is ForX?
• ForX is a utility class that brings additional possibilities when it comes to manipulating XML data in Flash ActionScript.
• ForX is written in ActionScript 2.0, which means that you have to run it under Adobe Flash 7 (MX2004) or Flash 8. (And for that matter, this guide assumes that you already know how to work with objects in AS 2.0, which is actually very similar to working with plain String or Array data types.)
• You don’t have to know a thing about the object-oriented programming, although I do recommend such knowledge, by all means.
• You do have to know how to make a program, however.
• ForX is a perfect choice for small to medium XML files (up to 100 kb) which are used for Flash external communication and/or Flash client data feed.
• ForX helps greatly to reduce the time spent during the development and debugging phases of any code related to Flash XML logistics,
covering both the input and output processes (XML structural organization, and XML data parsing routines are much more easier to implement and understand, etc).
• However, ForX uses Flash XML object to achieve all of this, so it’s fully compatible with any XML-based work you’ve already done. Moreover,
you can use it at any point in your program: just create an instance, pass XML object to it, and finally get all of the data you need, in a couple of lines or even less. This practically enables you to concentrate on much more important areas of your application, instead to search for every node by using imperceptive and very error-prone firstChild/nextSibling coding style.

Just leave all your XML spaghetti code behind.

Btw, ForX means Formulated XML, and it’s pronounced “forks”.

Syndrome homepage:

ForX 0.6a download with ForX PDF developers guide

Working together with Syndrome on great Flash project – realtime multiplayer game I found this ForX class very very usefull. Some good features are yet to come…


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