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Spot on Wimbledon (Flash score) and Novak Djoković sense of humor

Novak Đoković, my fellow countryman is inspiring, real hero of nation and so on ground that we all should respect him. Only 19 he still haven’t lost his sense of humor and I bet he never will.
Take a look at this two Youtube videos and you will see what I am talking about. Brilliant sense of humor 🙂

Novak now rocks on Wimbledon, quorter finals are starting in just a few minutes. Fingers crossed, go go Novak. Bacause I am on work I can’t watch it live so I am on Wimbledon page and I am using Live Score, flash made live scoring application. It is good, everything is on a click away. Made by IBM, big support. Same one was used on Roland Garros website I just need to point that scores are coming worser at Wimbledon page then they were on Roland Garros. Is it connection, not so optimised web servers, …? I don’t know but it’s not that good, especially when you are listening Radio Wimbledon which is great, speakers really bring the drama to the mass. Respect!


2 thoughts on “Spot on Wimbledon (Flash score) and Novak Djoković sense of humor

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