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Yahoo have new CEO – Jerry Yang co-founder

I’ve alredy wrote about Terry Semel as CEO of one of the biggest companies on the web and things that doesn’t contribute to his doings. Yahoo decided to go for a new ride and I think it’s good news.

Yahoo have new CEO, it is one of co-founders Jerry Yang. It seems to me that is good choice. Battle may be lost but war is not. So read good article on BBC Can Yahoo revive its digital dreams?



3 thoughts on “Yahoo have new CEO – Jerry Yang co-founder

  1. Robert Okemwa Onsare says:

    You’re a great inspiration to vissionaly people all over the world.The on going deal ;called upon by microsoft is a testimony of your genious.I as the user of this great service; will only say: Bravo. Have an odessy into the future with your dreasms.

  2. Robert Okemwa Onsare. says:

    The world is in great need of creative minds; which can match out there to be part of the solution to the problems at hand. Appropriate technology (contextual), unemployment…need a creative approach.We’ll need to emulate Jerry Young in our various dreams.

  3. Robert Okemwa Onsare says:

    Here in Kenya we’re yearning for creativity and innovation – we can not move forward minus this components. So, Yung, you mentorship we’re looking for. Fablabs have been launched to ignite young minds – let us hear from the rest of the world.

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