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Javascript Frameworks Overview

I won’t especially talk about any of the Javascript Framework. I will just try to point out links that I found in few hours after I saw this
What this test obviously shows is lack of speed at jQuery library but that’s not such unexpected event because jQuery thrives to small size avoiding lot of optimisations. Good news is that jQuery communicates with it’s community and response is available on few topics on jQuery Google Groups Links One and Two.

Knowing that about jQuery which I personally like, and even without knowing that can lead you to choose between many other great frameworks.
One good article that doesn’t even mention jQuery is available at JasLabs.

Take a look also at great slideshow presentation about Javascript frameworks by Simon Willson

Popularity chart over Google Trends

So I think this was enough. Having many options isn’t problem for me because any of this libraries can deliver but you are the master of ceremony so you can choose which tool want and which tool you will like the best. I personaly tend to two of the most represented jQuery and prototype.
Lets list and link others very popular and well used Dojo, MochiKit, YahooUI, Mootools, Rico and many many more 😉


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