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Adobe News – Quantum Leap

We have very, VERY good news from Adobe.

Flash Player 9 have update introducing for the first time GPU acceleration in player, mipmap for bitmaps, multi-threading on vector renderer and bitmap filters and video decoding, using of multi-core CPUs . GPU processing is not big implementation, only for full-screen video but hey, this is starting a path which will surely lead us to Flash Player 10 having numerous incredible, long-waited features.

Feature list on

AIR – ex Apollo – as it was announced by Adobe, Apollo recieved new name, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Also, beta version is released. HTML & Javascript becamed first class citizens
You can download runtime from

SDK is available from

Flex 3 Beta is released. Good news because there is lot of improvements. Some of them are :
for developers

  • Faster compilation, compiler class caching

  • Deeper language intelligence for AS3/MXML/CSS

  • Refactoring (Renaming: Method,Class,Variable)

  • Code Search

  • Code Outline

  • Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Profiling Live Memory Data

  • Enhanced Module support

  • Multiple SDK support.

for designers

  • Skin Importer

  • Design View Zoom/Pan

  • ItemRenderers in Design View

  • Advanced constraints

  • CS3 integration

  • CSS Outline

  • CSS Design View

  • many Flex 3 SDK style/skinning enhancements.

you can download Flex 3 Builder Beta from
Flex 3 SDK beta from

This is all great news. Adobe is on fire 😀


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