The Myth : We use only 10% of our brain

Let’s face it, this was said billions of times. Well, it’s surely not 10%. We maybe don’t use all 100% because people can maybe use telekineses and other things that we are not sure brain is capable of. Anyway please read this few articles to get your own oppinion but I’m sure next time you hear 10% you will say that’s NOT TRUE!


One thought on “The Myth : We use only 10% of our brain

  1. I totally despise this deliberate playing upon public ignorance . It is completely disgusting to see when people obviously knowingly twist facts ro deceive others, and cheat them of their potential.

    The “mental resources” that make paranormal abilities possible have little to do with the brain. THE BRAIN IS NOT THE MIND. It can be made to house the mind, and it is a tragedy when thuis occurs. Making the brain house the mind is of the order of the ancient Chinese practice of binding their women’s feet, so that they could fit in the palm of their hand. Whether the pain is constant or not, that foot is ruined for life.

    Few ever recover from their brain being forced to carry their mind.

    In the other hand, once the mind is freed from the shackles of Respect and Emulation of Physical Properties, THE MIND CAN DO ANYTHING. The mind can DUPLICATE anything it perceives. This is what makes perception possible. That means that it can duplicate the vibrations of any object or entity to create an exact clone. Everybody does it to some extent, all the time. The most well known examples are writers of fiction and non-fiction, who must hold the concepts of entire worlds in their minds, and keep them consistent. All of these images held in memory and imagination are REAL. If the amplitude of their vibrations were stepped up, they would become PHYSICALLY MANIFEST.

    This is the basis of “Telekinesis.”
    “Space” itself can be created, dextroyed or modified by the mind, making Teleportation possible.

    These powers cannot be toyed with, but must be handled under the conditions of strict discipline, What if you disrupted your bodily functions with undisciplined thoughts- wiped out you entire city by thinking it? There are built in safeguards, so that those who would do such things find biochemical obstacles in their path, so they would be hard put to develop even radical arithmetical skills.

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