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ComputeSpectrum and BitmapData filters AS3 Example

This is little computeSpectrum Actionscript 3 example for Flash
There is huge improvement in AS3 with Sound and SoundChannel class.

basiclly computeSpectrum is simple and there are few good examples already available
mine uses some BitmapData filtering examples too


if you download fla just put song.mp3 in same folder

UPDATE : two more examples, different graphics but same algo




EDIT: Links are corrected, sorry for keep you waiting. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “ComputeSpectrum and BitmapData filters AS3 Example

  1. Martin says:


    1) Does anyone know why all examples with ComputeSpectrum is not in sync? Music & graphic is never following each other! In some examples its just a little wrong, in others its impossible to see it should be synchronized!

    2) Does anyone know if its possible to listen and compute graphic on the sound being played in a WMP object within the browser? Flash should be listening to the mixer output right?

    Pls. mail me at “LoopStudio @ get2net .dk”

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