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ASNative – Undocumented Flash command list

ASNative is a undocumented function reference list that can be called from Flash.

For example :

 t = ASnative(100, 4); // trace
 function t("hi"); // output: hi

Find out more on OSFlash and Flashcoders Wiki


4 thoughts on “ASNative – Undocumented Flash command list

  1. Lusoned says:

    Ii is said that ASnative is top level as, but what does that means exactly? As an example:
    //random num from 2 to 9 (test)
    function rand(i,j){
    r = ASnative(200, 11)()*(j-i)+i;
    return ASnative(200, 10)(r);
    var num:Number = rand(2,9);
    ASnative(100, 4)(num);

    Is there any advantage in coding like this?

  2. Chris Kitching says:

    I have done some experiments with this, and found that, on average, ASnative is significantly slower to execute than just calling the function normally. My experiment was iterativley calling Math.random() using both the normal notation and the ASnative notation, after 4000 tried with each, the program outputted the average time taken to run 200 operations using that function, and in every single test Math.random() was faster than ASnative(200, 11);

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