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Bill Gates interview about web standards

I’m sure you are familiar with the picture down there 🙂 Bill and 14 invited bloggers and industry leaders in Redmond.
One of them is Molly E. Holzschlag who posted on his site interview with Bill Gates with title Who Questions Bill Gates’ Commitment to Web Standards?
First I must say I am very dissapointed with the shell Bill have around him. Answers are like he live in 90thies, I am not saying that Microsoft didn’t help settle some standards but now they are having huge problem with doing things like company of that scale should.

Microsoft have big problem with expanding into every field, making software and hardware wherever they think there is money. Zune, WPF … I am very interested why they don’t hire worlds best designer and programmers and make it really the best. Another problem is that we are the best philosophy which make space for many mistakes that are obviously happening. I think this is enough criticism for MS, read the interview and form a view for yourself or at least part of view from few sentences …


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