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Making simple Color Picker in Flash 8

I’ve recently build some interesting application for generating random points and other mathematical stuff. I’ve needed simple colorpicker so user can select colors for those randomly created nodes and lines and points.
You can find download of a simple example how I done it, it’s nothing special and it can be improved to show color you are over ans so on…

SWF Example
FLA File

EDIT: Links are updated! They are working now… sorry for keep you waiting.


20 thoughts on “Making simple Color Picker in Flash 8

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I added a grey shaded frame and used a drawrect command on it. turned it into a as3 color picker for my animated 3d polyhedron browser. Great idea… so simple.
    mc_colorPicker.visible = false;
    mc_colorPicker.colors.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK ,colPicked);
    function colPicked (e:MouseEvent){
    var srcMC = mc_colorPicker.colors;
    var colorBitmap:BitmapData = new BitmapData(srcMC.width, srcMC.height, true, 0x00000000);
    paintcolor = uint (“0x”+colorBitmap.getPixel(srcMC.mouseX, srcMC.mouseY).toString(16));
    paintIt(mc_color, paintcolor);
    mc_color.visible = true;
    mc_colorPicker.visible = false;
    mc_color.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK ,goPick);
    function goPick (e:MouseEvent){
    mc_color.visible= false;
    mc_colorPicker.visible = true;

  2. A big Thanks for this the program dropped into my website banner design program easily,I needed something to allow me to change the background of a banner if someone designs one online and your little gem worked a treat.
    thanks again

  3. Skadoo says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I needed. I added a bunch of extra snippets and edited a lot of it for what I needed it for, but you still did all the hard parts. So, LOOK A FORMAL QUESTION can I use this in something of my own? It’ll be used to edit the colors of different parts of a machine

    • Skadoo says:

      actually I’ll probably use it for a lot more than that x: sorry if I’m bombarding you with messages, but LYING IS IMMORAL.

  4. Stylis says:

    I am a complete Newbie to flash and the only reason i have started working on it is to do what you have made but with multiple object and a color palette of my own…is there anyway you could maybe do a kind of tutorial on this, i know its a lot to ask and i understand if you say no, Ive just been trying to figure out how to do this for almost a week and my understanding of flash is still like that of someone who’s opened it for the first time

  5. Can you help me to add score in coloring game in adobe flash as2? Pleasee. feels like i’m going to crazy in thinking how to this. Hope you can help me, pleaseee. Thank you very much in advance. It will be a great hep for me, in my thesis project. Thanks

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